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. hello, and welcome back to nhk world "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. people in egypt are seeing violence in the streets once again, and that violence has turned deadly. citizens protesting the ouster of president mohamed morsi fought with soldiers in the capital and other cities across the country. 17 people were killed. morsi supporters rallied across the country. they're angry military leaders removed morsi from power and installed an interim president. morsi's a member of the muslim brotherhood.
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other members are speaking out against what they call a coup. >> our refusal and revoltness of the military coup that has happened against the constitution and against the legit maty of the state. >> military leaders showed no sign of relenting. they detained senior members of the ruling party and muslim brotherhood. they issued a statement before the protest. they said they'd allow people to express their feelings freely as long as the demonstrations were peaceful. sporadic violence has been reported in various parts of the country. an armed group believed to be islamists attacked a police facility in northern sinai. leaders around the world are watching developments with concern. >> the u.k. does not support military interventions to settle disputes in democratic systems. >> u.s. president obama urged egypt's military leaders to
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return a democratically elected civilian government to power as soon as possible. egypt's foreign minister says he told u.s. secretary of state john kerry the military's main aim is to keep citizens safe. >> i hope they will lead the situation in the right way, that this is not a military coup in any way. >> the u.s. has given egypt more than a billion dollars worth of military aid a year since hosni mubarak was president. u.s. law does not allow financial assistance to any foreign government that comes to power through a military coup. now the u.n. human rights chief says she's concerned by reports that egyptian military leaders are detaining members of the muslim brotherhood. high commissioner for human rights says she wants an end to arbitrary detentions. her spokesman said the grounds for the detentions are not clear. he said any arrest needs a good
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relationship and due process. african union leaders say they have suspended egypt's membership. >> we decide to suspend the participation of egypt in the activities until the restoration of constitutional order. >> representative of member nations criticized egyptian military leaders for ousting the president. japan's defense chief wants his nation to get better prepared to prevent a missile attack from north korea, urging government leaders to consider giving japanese forces the ability to attack a foreign base. the defense minister admitted officials hadn't expected the north koreans to develop such a large and advanced missile arsenal. he said he's concerned that the north koreans may arm missiles with nuclear warheads and said
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japan's missile defense system may not be sufficient. >> translator: japan's missile defense system is outstanding. but it may fail to intercept missiles if they come in large numbers. our laws give us the right to destroy the origins of such threats. >> he said japan will maintain its defense alliance with the united states but he said he wants to talk with the americans about the role each country plays. the police presence in northwestern china has been increased following last week's protest. last friday was the fourth anniversary of large scale demonstrations in one region. nhk world reports from the capital of the area. >> reporter: a large security force has been deployed near this district. armored police are keeping a
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close eye on movements of residents. state-run media say that several men attacked a police station with knives last week in the eastern part of the province. 35 civilians and police officers were reportedly killed. another group of armed men reportedly launched a similar attack in a remote city last friday. the incident was one of the worst since riots in july 2009 when 200 people were reported to be killed. ethnic muslim people make up nearly half of the population. many are angry over what they call economic and social disparities with chinese residents. they also say the government is barring them from religious activities. >> translator: the government should treat us better.
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we are not terrorists. if the government treated us properly, we would respond in the same manner. >> reporter: the recent unrest is being seen as a backlash against government policies targeting minorities. the chinese government appears to try to contain any sign of unrest out of concern that social instability may spread. nhk world, china. >> now a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson has defended the country's policy on ethnic minorities. >> translator: chinese authorities are taking strict legal countermeasures to protect social stability, people's lives and their assets. >> the spokesperson also said the government's policy on the uighers and their religion meet
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the people's needs. she says the residents of the region support the policy. turning to business, the latest u.s. employment reports shows the job market appear does have improved last month. federal reserve policymakers are watching the data to decide when to scale back their efforts to spur economic growth. officials with the labor department say the jobless rate last month stood at 7.6%. the same as the month before. employers added 195,000 non-farm jobs. analysts had expected 165,000. fed chairman ben bernanke gave a clue last month as to when he might cut back on economic stimulus efforts. he hinted at scaling down quantitative easing later this year if employment and other economic data keep improving. some analysts are focusing on u.s. job growth and what it
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means for fed policy. here's a view from michelle myer at bank of america merrill lynch global research. >> the employment report was better than expected with job growth of 195,000 verse the contentious forecast of 165,000. we had net positive revisions, the prior to months totalling 70,000 jobs. when you look at the trend in jobs, we're seeing a steady improvement. and that consistency is very encouraging for the federal reserve. six month moving average job growth now above 200,000. and it's been consistently above that. the unemployment rate held at 7.6%. by was a little worse than expected. the market was looking for 7.5%. but the reason that the unemployment rate held unchanged was because the labor force has expanded. and that's actually a good sign. it shows that people are reentering the labor force. and that ultimately will support
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healthier aggregate income growth. so on balance, it was certainly a good report, certainly the type of report that the federal reserve is looking for in order to start easing back on monetary accommodations. so we do believe if the fed continues to see data come in with this type of momentum, a few more months of job growth such as we're seeing, they will go ahead and announce tapering. in our view, it's a very close call between announcement of tapering in september and one in december. but we certainly believe that this adds to the fed's decision and ability to start tapering before the end of the year. emerging economic powers still struggling with poverty. emboldened citizens still commanding democracy. the threat of violence, the push for peace, the shadow of conflict. get news and insight every weekday, live from bangkok, only
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on nhk world "newsline." the pakistani prime minister is working to promote economic ties with china. he's visiting beijing where he's met with top leaders. patchari raksawong in bangkok has more. >> sharif and his chinese counterapart attended a ceremony on friday. sharif has set his eyes on building stronger relations with china. he's working with the old ally to build pakistan's economy and developing its infrastructure. he chose china as the destination of his first overseas visit since taking office. pakistan and china are alnice part because of their mutual rivalry with india. >> our friendship is deeper than the deepest sea in the world.
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and as sweeter than honey. >> there may be another reason behind sharif's glowing message to china. pakistan's energy shortages continue to worsen. some areas of the capital islamabad are without power more than ten hours a day. sharif won over voters during his campaign by condemning the previous government for failing to solve the power issue. now that he has been elected, he needs to win investment and support from china to improve infrastructure in pakistan. specifically, sharif is keen on securing china's cooperation in building more nuclear power plants. western countries have criticized pakistan in the past for passing on nuclear technology to other countries and are unlikely to offer support in the future. the pakistani leader also met with the chinese president on thursday. xi says he hopes the two countries can use their advantages to help each other
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and promote development of both countries. china for its part is seeking help from pakistan to crack down on insurgents trying to make the region independent from china. pakistan is also turning to the international monetary fund for help in tackling its pressing problems. the two sides have agreed to a provisional deal for a $5.3 billion loan to be disbursed over a three-year period. the sharif administration expresses hope that the investment will help pakistan rebuild its economy and take on energy shortages. an imf delegation announced the deal following negotiations with pakistani officials in islamabad. >> a pakistan designed and built program, which we feel like we can support. it consists of comprehensive reform of the energy sector to
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help resolve the severe shortages which have been sapping pakistan's economic growth potential. >> the agreement will be further developed by officials of the imf. its executive board is likely to approve it as early as september. as it faces a deteriorating state of security, pakistan is bringing back the death penalty, which it suspended in 2008. human rights groups are speaking out against the decision. the previous government placed a five-year moratorium on capital punishment, which expired this year on june 30th. sharif's administration says it does not plan to extend it. the government claims there are about 400 people on death row, but a human rights group says the number could total as much as 8,000. according to reuters, the keep
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policy for deteriorating crime in the country, amnesty international condemns the move say thing is a risk of executing innocent people. southeast asia's expanding middle class is taking to the skies in ever increasing numbers. that's largely thanks to the burgeoning number of low cost carriers. the largest by fleet size is air asia group. tony fernandez is betting big on asean's plans for economic integration. >> reporter: tony fernandez is already a legendary figure in the airline industry. in 2001, he bought an airline in malaysia with only two aging planes. 12 years later, the air asia group has the largest fleet of any low-cost area in southeast asia.
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>> when i started the airline, it was all about survival. i never thought about ten years' time. if you had told me i would have 140 planes and carrying 50 million people, 45 million people, whatever, i would have said what drugs are you taking? not real. but i always felt the potential was there. people love to travel. people want to travel. people want to move around. but it was too expensive. we're looking at about 24 planes a year. that's lower capacity by any stretch of the imagination. but the market is booming. established air asia will begin service this year. fernandez also sees myanmar as a key destination as the former military regime continues democratic reforms. >> i see a lot of potential.
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if you think of myanmar, i can get traffic to india and china, this country sits on the border of 2 billion people. it would be a very natural place to develop tourism from china and india to myanmar. you just have to look at the people of myanmar. we started one flight to yanggong, now we have seven flights. so there's a lot that can be done. the beauty of what we have created is a lot of inter-asean travel. so a lot of kids who never thought of going to thailand or myanmar. >> reporter: low-cost carriers are quickly increasing their market share. they now account for more than 50% of capacity in the region, according to the center for aviation.
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last year, fernandez established air asia awe sesean and moved t jakarta. he expects it will bring more paerngs and connectivity. we have gone out and done it. i moved my office to jakarta to prove a point. i went to jakarta to make a statement that i want to be seen as not malaysian or thai or indonesian, but as asean. the great thing about asean, if you put anywhere in asean and you go four hours, the diversity of culture and differences is huge. four hours in america, it's all the same. four hours in america, it's more or less the same. so potential is huge. and we're reaping those
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benefits. two guys from the music business come in and start an airline with very little money, and now we carry 45 million people. so it shows the power of asean, which is something many people should realize. the more low-cost airlines the better for the industry. in terms of air asia, we're in a strong position, having invested in so many different places that it's very hard for someone to catch up with us. >> that was tony fernandez, ceo of the air asia group. and that will wrap up our bulletin. i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok.
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for centuries, grilled eel has been a favorite delicacy, but environmental experts are meeting in london to discuss whether eels should be given the status of endangered species and the conclusions could have a big impact in japan. ancient japanese poety describes eel as a source of energy. people traditionally eat grilled eel during the hot days of late july. but this year, diners are already flocking to eel restaurants. >> translator: it's really good. i mean, really. >> catches of japanese eel in japan and china have fallen to about 1/20th of their peek in 1961. the decline is blamed on overfishing and polluted rivers. the situation has led the international union to consider listing 19 types of eel on the red list of engangered species.
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experts are meeting to decide the fate of the japanese eel. designation on the red list doesn't carry legal force but can result in trade controls under the washington convention on endangered species. that's what worries japanese importers. more than half of the eel consumed in japan last year came from mainly china and taiwan. >> translator: we don't know how to handle this situation. when supply falls, eel prices will obviously continue to remain high. the consumer's market will, without doubt, shrink significantly. >> an expert says japan needs to take the initiative by pushing for a legal framework that dissuades countries from catching eel in the wild. >> translator: 70% of the eels raised around the world are consumed in japan.
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i believe japanese people should come to terms with the situation, humbly accept the consequences and take steps so the species will remain a part of their culture for centuries to come. >> the international union for conservation of nature will examine the status of eel stocks and hear from a wide range of experts. its conclusions are expected in several months. two years is a long time for a sumo wrestler to be out of work and out of practice. but when the nagoya tournament starts on sunday, one rikishi's exile will be over. his problems started when his name got entangled in a bout fixing scandal. all along, sokokurai insisted on his innocence. he prevailed in the fight of his life. now he's got to prove himself in the ring again. nhk world has more. >> reporter: he returns to where he left off.
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the top ranking division. he earned his way there from china's inner mongolia. the allegations against him kept him out of the ring for what might have been his peak years. he's 29 now. how did you cope during this time? >> translator: it was long. i thought my ordeal would be over more quickly. >> reporter: he arrived in japan a decade ago, aspiring to make it as a sumo wrestler. in 2010, he became the first chinese rikishi to reach this division. but a bout fixing scandal caused an abrupt reversal of fortune. two stable masters and 23 rikishi were forced to resign. he was one of them. >> translator: i didn't do it, period.
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>> reporter: he did more than to stick to his story. he filed a lawsuit in a bid to return to the ring. did you ever feel like giving up or that you were defeated? >> translator: being alone i got lost in thoughts, plenty of times. but i had lots of people supporting me. >> reporter: messages collected in his room were written by people who believed in his innocence and campaigned for his comeback. in march, the tokyo district court rejected the allegations that he intentionally lost bouts. it invalidated his dismissal from sumo and ordered his reinstatement. [ applause ]
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the organization accepted the decision without filing an appeal. >> translator: we are quite sorry. he would have been at his peak strength in these years. >> reporter: about a month after winning in court, the rikishi was back in the sumo ring. he took part in an official practice session before the deliberation council. he had a grand champion as his opponent. [ applause ] that just drew encouragement from the men at the very top, who helped him understand he was back where he belongs. how was stepping back into the ring after two years? >> translator: i realized how much i missed being there.
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i was overjoyed. >> reporter: sokokurai's stable master says his tribulations may actually turn him into a more formidable force in the ring. >> translator: he appears stronger mentally. he's like my son. i admire him for having endured so well. >> translator: the only way to move forward is to endure whatever you have to. i would never say i'll be a champion tomorrow, but if i keep on doing my utmost, i believe the chance will again come my way. >> reporter: his real fight to success starts right here at the prefecture gymnasium this sunday with all eyes on him. nhk world, nagoya.
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next, let's take a brief look at the market figures. and now here's your three day weather outlook.
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>> and that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. we'll be back with the latest at the top of the hour, so do stay with us on nhk world.
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right now, we've stopped to get some gas and stretch a little bit in the nice little town of lone pine, which is located right here on highway 395 in the eastern sierra. now, this is a beautiful part of our state, and there's a lot to see here, too. for example, right over there is mount whitney. and if you head in that direction about an hour, you'll get to death valley. now, i think this is about the most difficult assignment we have ever accepted, because before we could even start out, we've had to take care of a lot of little details and wait for exactly the right kind of weather. now, what we're going to do is visit two very remote and little-known places in our state

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